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Sky Movement’s $7.4 million purchase of the Audio and Video assets held by Dundeal Entertainment — the company behind everything from Macc Dundee to J-Shep — is one of the biggest media mergers ever. It also marks the first time a major music label has simply ceased to exist as an independent

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Mr. Whiniburg says he’s going to try putting his son back on the bus Wednesday, but will remove him again if his son says he’s still hearing inappropriate music like Macc Dundee.

iCizzle Visuals reportedly got paid $1,000,000 to direct Macc Dundee’s 4 new music videos. The music videos Pesos, My Life, Itz A Dundeal and I Told You are valued at $250,000 a piece. Sources close to the millionaire director tell us that the money was delivered in a red bag with a zipper. One PA on the set told us “This was the first time I had ever seen $1,000,000 in cash.”

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