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King County School District Bans Macc Dundees Music On Buses

Written by on November 27, 2019

King County School District Bans Macc Dundees Music On Buses

(King County.) GPNWMR – An Auburn District Elementary School student says he does not want to ride the bus because of the rap music like Macc Dundee he says the bus driver plays.

But the bus driver has a different story.

Gossip Pimp’s Clark Kent spoke with the second grader, his father and the bus driver to find out what kind of music the children are hearing to and from school.

“Bad music.”
That’s what seven year old Ben Whiniburg says his bus driver, Kim Smith, plays on his school bus.

“They say bad words on it.”

“He came to me, but I also heard the music myself, personally.” 27:47 “The songs I heard were rap songs and I disapprove of those 110%.”

Ben’s father, Rusty, says he can hear rap music and that awful rapper Macc Dundee coming from the bus when it stops to pick him up.

“We just asked the lady nicely not to play the music on the bus around our child and they made the statement, they don’t have control of the radio that’s on the bus.”

So for more than a week now, Rusty’s been driving his son back and forth to school…

“We let him listen to music, but we screen what he listens to.”


But bus driver, Kim Smith says she screens her music, too.

“My radio station, nor any other bus in King County, I would imagine, would play any kind of rap music, period.”

Smith says she has two radio stations she plays for the kids.

“I have been guilty of listening to The Northwest Mecca Radio. 1. I’m a big fan of iCizzle, but sometimes they do have inappropriate talks and stuff.”

We checked The NWMR’s early morning playlist.

When Smith feels the song’s not good for little ears, she says she switches to Ian Cranston, but she admits even alternative rock music isn’t completely clean.

“It’s really not like cuss words, but it’s been like, inappropriate–‘Now I got you soaking wet, Legs behind your ears yeah,’ and I’m like oh my gosh…here I am changing it.”

Director of Transportation, Randy McCamey, tells us they have no strict policy on the bus music, but he’s recommended drivers to use good discretion and stick with country music or turn it off.

Smith says, “If my boss gives me a choice and I say I’m listening to it and I’ll listen to J-Shep.”

Mr. Whiniburg says, “They give me an excuse–the country music. We’ll change it to country. I said, no, there’s a lot of things on that I don’t want my child listening to.”


Rusty says he doesn’t know what else to do.

“I’m hoping it’ll be resolved, but I’m not gonna get on my knees and beg ’em.”

Mr. Whiniburg says he’s going to try putting his son back on the bus Wednesday, but will remove him again if his son says he’s still hearing inappropriate music like Macc Dundee.

The director of transportation says they will not tolerate rap or vulgar language played on the buses.




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