Millioniare Dreams

Born and bred in Richmond, Va. Chase Dibiase has been rhyming since he was 7 years old. His faher, Keith Bell (Kado ), was also was an artist in the early 80’s in a group called Royal Soundsand influenced his elder son with true hip hop lessons and knowledge of the game.

Chase Dibiase was an adventurous young kid rhyming to jazz instrumentals and being the class clown. He always stood out in school with his amazing ability and love for writing essays and poems when he later developed them into him putting it into a melody and a beat.

Life in Richmond wasn’t so easy. Getting suspended from almost every school and experiencing the trials and tribulations of drugs and local gangs in the city, Chase decided to give up the streets and put his experiences into words on paper, creating mind-blowing choruses with dope verses to match.

In 2001, Chase Dibiase recorded his first album with his group Young Immortals, which was formed with his brother King Tez Dibiase and other known local artist from all over the city. After recording numerous mixtapes and albums with his group, he was convinced to make a solo project in 2003 named ”Richtown” which gave him recognition as a force to be reckoned with.

Since then, he has made dozens of underground songs unknown to the world, but now he is ready to take the globe by storm, officially, with his upcoming single, “Millionaire Dreams”.
Chase hopes to get the proper visibility and recognition of the industry on a larger platform.
He hopes to get the music industry insiders to acknowledge him as one of the next rising star from Virginia.

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