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A lot of people equate Seattle with the typical imprints left by sports coverage and general media. These would include rain, coffee, salmon and large and diverse community rich with music history. These are NOT the characteristics that define the Seattle A-Train Gang grew up in. Much lesser known on a wide scale is the gritty, local detriment that was Holly Park. A crime riddled housing project that maintained a cluster of underprivileged families. Drugs flowed through the intertwining streets, graffiti tagged the fences, and hope lived on the other side of town. THIS was the 1980s scene that raised Train.

When the ceiling is low, you tend to bump your head a lot. A-Train Gang was no stranger to mistakes and troubles that plague urban youth. With only alcoholics, gang members, and drug dealers/addicts as role models, if you’re lucky enough to make it to 21, you will make it there the hard way. Train was no different as he saw his fair share of run-ins with the law coupled with the frequent loss of family and friends either to homicide, drug abuse, or the penal system. In 2004, after slamming into a few dead ends, Train decides to go full speed ahead into his rap career. He joined the super group Lac of Respect and became acquainted with Seattle’s underground, independent rap scene.

The following year, just as he was getting into the swing of things, Johnny Law slapped the cuffs on Train and shipped him off to fulfill a prison sentence of seven years. This didn’t stop him from releasing his debut album “The Train Stops Here”. After his lengthy stay, in 2011 A-Train Gang hit the streets hard and began churning out tracks to piece together mix-tapes to be released in his own imprint: Gunclap Rap Enterprises. He dropped “Went Solo: Finally Buster Free” in the summer of 2013 and quickly followed up by releasing “Orange October” that same year.

A-Train Gang maintains that working through his music has helped him to stay focused as he vents the frustration that he acquired in his childhood. We all can relate. Now, after a busy and productive 2014 arranging a network and strengthening contacts, Train is in a position to break into a larger scene with the necessary support and expand his audience. If you aren’t competing to be the best, why are you in the game? Train hopes for stardom and his efforts and continued pursuit speak to this determination. As long as Superman doesn’t show up, no one can stop this Train.

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