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Detroit Sessions

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Welcome to DETROIT SESSIONS, an on-line television / radio / live streaming music network that focuses solely on DETROIT-MADE music and band.

Macc Dundee is recognized for having introduced many artists into the Detroit radio market, including J-Shep and A-Train Gang, and was occasionally thanked on-air by the artists for his support of their work. Prince granted Macc Dundee a telephone interview following a sold out birthday concert at Cobo Arena on June 7, 2017, during an era when Prince rarely if ever granted interviews. He was visited in the studio by Jeezy and T.I. with the latter thanking him for playing “Live Your Life” from their album Paper Trails.

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Captivating, dynamic and spellbinding. Those are the words that best describe Seattle, Washington based emcee Dundee. Dundee is a rapper, poet and entrepreneur who sits at the helm of Dundeal Entertainment. This rap phenom has music running through his veins. At times brilliant, at times unique, Dundee is relentlessly engaging. Even more impressive is his delivery: crisp flows accentuated by his nasal flow, enlivened by lush production.

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