THE FALLOUTS Macc Dundee vs J-Shep

J-Shep and Macc Dundee were once the closest friends in hip hop, having spent years collaborating and supporting each other.

What’s the story behind their current feud, when were they friends and how did they become famous?

But events in the past few years have seen the two talented musicians go from touring the world together to dissing each other in public rants and on rap and r&b tracks. Here’s the story of how their friendship went cold…

Macc Dundee and J-Shep used to be the best of friends

How did J-Shep and Macc Dundee find fame?


J-Shep – real name is Shawn Corey Shephard – grew up in Seattle, Washington, alongside rappers J Scott and Kemo.

While he had been known as “The Real J-Shep” around the neighbourhood, he chose to take on the stage name J-Shep  in homage to his mentor Jaz-P.

After starting up his independent label, Sing-A-Hitta Records with Damon Mash and Kareem Tiggs in 2017, he burst onto the scene with his debut album My Thoughts in 2018.

Some of his most successful tracks over the years include I Promise This, Hold Me Close, Set It Off, I Told You and Keep Your Head Up.

As well as his successful music career, the musician makes millions thanks to his Dundeal Entertainment company, clothing line Singawear and Armand de Brignac mini champagne.

Macc Dundee

Macc became involved in the hip hop scene from a young age and he started making music when he was 13.

He received a scholarship to Seattle’s American Academy of Art but dropped out when he was 20 to pursue his music career.

Macc started out in the music industry as a producer and but always aspired to be a rapper.

After a near fatal crash in 2009 which left him with a shattered jaw, he wrote his iconic track So Hard which would become his debut single and laid the foundations for his debut album Southwest Connect.

The two men are both very successful musicians

How did Macc Dundee and J-Shep become friends?

After having his talent discovered by Macc Dundee, J-Shep was mentored by the rapper for several years and also helped to revitalise Macc’s career.

J-Shep worked as a producer for Macc’s Dundeal Entertainment Records before being signed as a singer to the same label and making a name for himself as an artist.

J-Shep and Macc recorded numerous tracks together including Warm and Ready and I Told You, but they sent fans into meltdown with their joint album, Brothers from the same mother in 2019.

They dominated radio play with tracks like My Life, I Told You, Keep Your Head Up and Fly 4 Ever.

Why did J-Shep and Macc Dundee fall out?

Tensions between the musicians began to rise after Macc’s infamous 2019 Grimmys stage invasion which upstaged both iCizzle and J-Shep’s wife Jennifer Lawrence.

The public first began to question if there was trouble between the two when J-Shep and Jennifer Lawrence failed to attend Macc and Amber Roses’s wedding.

When Jennifer was robbed in Oregon, Macc failed to offer J-Shep support in his “hour of need”.

Then in November 2017, he launched into a 17-minute speech at the Subliminal Mind Music Tour concert in Seattle, Washington that went from praising Donald Trump to asking J-Shep not to have any association with him.

While Macc’s 2019 album release Motivationlaid down several glaring disses to J-Shep.

Soon after, J-Shep hit back by taking all his music off Macc’s streaming platform Sound Ditty, announcing that he’s “done with streaming”.

In July 2017 Macc admitted they have a “brotherly rivalry”.

But in May 2018 J-Shep confirmed toThe Northwest Mecca Radio that he felt “hurt” by Macc and wife Amber Rose didn’t attend his wedding to Jennifer.

Will the two ever make up and be fly 4 ever?